All persons attending the Masters Dancesport Championships, whether as spectators, competitors, officials, staff, guests, etc. shall be bound by the rules and regulations of the National Dance Council of Canada (NDCC) and the Canadian Dancesport Federation (CDF) and, by participating in the event, automatically become obligated to adhere to them. Every person attending the Masters Dancesport Championships does so at his or her own risk and expressly and irrevocably waves any claim or claims against the NDCC, CDF, Masters Dancesport Championships, its Organizers (Aigars Stolcers, Agita Baranovska and Igor Litvinov), employees and representatives arising from loss, personal injury, death or damage associated with this event. The Masters Dancesport Championships, it’s Organizers, NDCC and the CDF accept no responsibility for damage, loss or theft of property left in changing rooms, ballroom, guest rooms, or hotel.


This event may be photographed by video, photography or other method. All persons attending this event waive any claim related to the use of that photography or video and the rights to any copyright, privacy or publicity associated with said photography or video. Private recording is strictly forbidden in the Ballroom, except during the children’s events on Saturday morning. A professional videographer and photographer will be available on the premises.


August 12, 2019 – Please send all completed forms and payment in full to:
MASTERS DANCESPORT – 56 Sylwood Crescent, Maple, ON L6A 2P7, Canada
Completed entries may be faxed to: 215-355-1481
Completed entries may be emailed to:
Entries received after August 12, 2019 will be accepted at the discretion of the Organizers if space and time permits.


Payments may be made via cash or check. Checks should be made payable to: “Masters Dancesport”. Personal and studio checks as well as credit cards WILL NOT be accepted at the competition. Any payments received after the registration deadline must be made in the form of a Certified Check, Money Order or Cash. A $35 returned check fee will be applied to all returned checks. All entries must be paid in full before competitor numbers are issued and before competitors are allowed to dance.


You will receive a confirmation of your entries by e-mail. The final schedule and heat list will be posted online at least 3 days before the start of the event. No changes will be made at the event unless it is our error. Please verify that no mistakes have been made when you receive your confirmation.


Cancellations before the registration deadline, August 12, 2019 – FULL REFUND
Cancellations made after the registration deadline but before the event – 50% REFUND. Cancellations on the day of the event – NO REFUND will be made on such a cancellation. No refunds will be made for ADMISSION TICKETS. All ticket sales are FINAL.


Need a VISA? Please contact us at:


All competitors shall conduct themselves in a civil, sportsmanlike manner at all times while on the competition premises. Competitor numbers left at the Registration desk 60 minutes before the event, will be considered a NO SHOW! It is each competitor’s RESPONSIBILITY to report to the deck captain at least 60 minutes in advance of the scheduled time. The Organizers reserve the right to modify the program if necessary, informing competitor’s on this website. No competitor shall harass or question a judge. The judge’s marks will be posted online. The Organizers of the Masters Dancesport Championships, reserve the right to reject any entry or publicity.


Amateur/Pro-Am/Mixed-Am/Student-Student – all Closed divisions (Beginner, Pre-Bronze, Bronze, and Silver) figures are restricted to the ISTD Syllabus. Gold division figures are restricted to ISTD Syllabus plus Popular variations.


Prize money may be reduced in events with less than three (3) entries. Prize money vouchers are void after sixty (60) days following the end of the competition.


A panel of invigilators will be used for all CLOSED syllabus divisions. These categories will be strictly supervised and competitors committing infractions will be disqualified.


Professional Competitors are sanctioned by the Canadian Dancesport Federation (CDF) and the National Dance Council of Canada (NDCC) also recognized by WDC and the NDCA. All Professionals competing in any capacity including Pro-Am competitions must be currently registered as a PROFESSIONAL and have a membership card for 2019, available at


Professional Rising Star is open to all professionals who have not won the RISING STAR in the same style at the Masters Dancesport Championships in previous years.


Pro-Am students do not need a membership card or be registered with any association. There will be NO SUBSTITUTING of a student for another student. It is not possible to compete in the same Heat with two (2) students! Costumes are permitted at any level for adults.


Ladies and gentlemen students will be judged separately. The BEGINNER division is restricted to bronze syllabus.


Ladies and gentlemen students will be merged. For each scholarship event entered, Pro-Am competitors must dance an equal number of single dances in the same style. For the Pro-Am 9-dance and 10-Dance Championships, competitors must dance with the same teacher for a dances. Prize money may be reduced by half if less than 4 couples are entered.


Pro-Am American Style: Material used should be based on the following: Social step list Syllabus of CDF, NDCA, Arthur Murray, Fred Astaire, DVIDA, CDTA, CPDDSQ and any recognized Social or American style Syllabus.


Pro-Am International Style: Material used should be based on the CDF, NDCA and ISTD Syllabus.


Critique sheets and scores will be available to studio personnel at the registration desk. No Solo Exhibition can exceed three (3) minutes. Lifts are allowed.


All Amateur competitors are sanctioned by the National Dance Council of Canada (NDCC) and each Canadian competitor must have their NDCC Amateur card before the competition. NO AMATEUR COMPETITOR WILL BE ALLOWED TO COMPETE UNLESS THEIR NDCC NUMBER HAS BEED ENTERED ON THEIR ENTRY FORM!


Rules and dress codes are available on the NDCC web at:


The age division is determined by the age of the oldest couple’s member. Juvenile, Junior and Youth may dance up one (1) age category. For Senior 1, Senior 2, Senior 3, and Senior 4 both members of the couple must meet the age requirement.


Amateurs dancing in Closed divisions: Beginners-Silver are restricted to the ISTD Syllabus. Gold division figures are restricted to ISTD Syllabus plus Popular variations.


Mixed-Amateur competitions are for Amateur competitors, from Juvenile to Adult, who do not have a regular partner. They are judged as a single dancer (as in Pro-Am single events) and may be partnered by a more advanced amateur competitor.


Solo Star events are danced without a partner, whereby the competitor is judged on a solo execution of their syllabus material. Male and female competitors will be judged separately in Solo Star events. Solo Star events are restricted to Closed Bronze, Closed Silver, and Closed Gold syllabus.


There is no entry fee for Top Teacher.
Teachers must be on the “Falls Package” with a minimum of 25 Pro/Am adult entries in order to be eligible for top teacher awards. Top Teacher point accumulation:

Pro/Am Adult – 1 or 2 Dance Entries
1st Place 8 points
2nd Place 7 points
3rd Place 6 points
4th Place 5 points
5th Place 4 points
6th Place 3 points
7th Place 2 points
8th Place 1 point
Recall 4 points
Uncontested 8 points
Pro/Am Adult – 3, 4, or 5 Dance Entries
1st Place 20 points
2nd Place 15 points
3rd Place 10 points
4th Place 8 points
5th Place 6 points
6th Place 4 points
7th Place 2 points
8th Place 2 points
Recall 5 points
Uncontested 20 points

Teachers will receive ½ the value of points for Junior Pro-Am entries.


The dress code for spectators is as follows: Casual for daytime and dressy for evening.


Smoking is not permitted in the ballroom, foyer or changing rooms at any time. These rules and regulations may be amended at the discretion of the Organizers.